Traffic Blueprint For New Blogs

Not getting enough traffic to your blog?

  • Learn how to grow your Pinterest following till it drives massive amount of traffic to your blog without relying on Google.
  • Start seeing results in weeks after implementing the traffic strategies contained in this guide.
How Exactly Can You Grow Your Blog?

Bryan Grey, Founder

I'm here to share what works in growing a new blog from getting more traffic to ranking higher on Google.

Starting a new blog right now is a lot harder than it was ten years ago. Even harder is getting the blog to rank on Google for keywords that receive a good amount of monthly searches.

I understand this fact very well, and that's why I'm here for you.

There are two core metrics we have to work on when growing our blog - Domain Authority and Social media following.

The higher your domain authority, the higher your blog posts rank on Google for your target keywords, and the more traffic and love you'll get from Google.

I'm going to share with you all the steps I'm currently taking to my grow my blog and domain authority. I'm here to help you grow your blog as quickly as possible.

Increase your page speed today

According to Akamai.com, a global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN):

"A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions and sales."

"53% of visitors will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load."

"A two second delay in web page load time increases bounce rate by 103 percent."

A slow webpage drives visitors and potential customers away from your blog.

The two biggest factors that contribute to page speed are your HOSTING and CACHING PLUGIN

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Make Money Blogging In Six Months, Or Go Look For A 'Real' Job

That was the unspoken deadline my family gave me when I finished from the university.

I had just graduated from the university and was in the middle of my National Youth Service, a one-year governmental scheme all graduates had to go through in my country before they'll be eligible to start working with their university certificate.

I was six months into my Youth Service when I finally decided it was time to set up my kickass online business. My family was okay with this since I could 'while away' time until I had finished my Youth Service, but they weren't too comfortable when I told them I'll be blogging full-time, even after I had completed my service.

I could sense this when my dad would inform me of a job opening, only to have a skeptical look on his face when I replied that I would like to concentrate fully on my blog.

While they could accept me blogging till my service year is over without the security of a 'real job', I wasn't sure they'll accept my sole reliance on my online business after the remaining six months period had elapsed.

I had six months to start earning from my blog.

I had six months to prove that blogging is a powerful way to grow an online business and generate a steady, predictable income month after month.

I had to prove this to justify my lack of desire to go job hunting like the rest of my peers. To justify my living the kind of lifestyle I truly want.

Could I achieve all this within that time frame?

Traffic Blueprint For New Blogs

Is your blog not growing fast enough?

  • Learn how to exponentially grow your following and traffic on Pinterest.
  • Start seeing traffic spikes in weeks after following the strategies that worked for me in this guide.
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