It's The Little Things That Push You Into Your Destiny

I still remember that day clearly. I was in my second year at the university.

I just finished buying food from the canteen and was heading towards a class, any free class with no lectures going on, to have my lunch. Turned out there was no class free of people. I liked eating in an empty class where nobody was.

Feeling particularly hungry that day, I decided to eat inside one of the crowded classrooms. I made my way to the back seat and sat behind a dude who was busy with his laptop. Something kept making me look up at what the dude was doing with the laptop. I saw him sourcing for news stories online, copying them to a text editor in a dashboard of some sort, which I later learned to be Blogger (a content management system similar to WordPress), edited the text and then published it.

I saw that he opened a website, which I learned to be his blog, and there it was!

The text and pictures he edited showed up on the website.

I was moved to tap him on the shoulder from behind and ask what was going on. I was so awed by the fact that one of those who contributed information to the internet was sitting a few inches away from me. I asked him what he was doing and whether he earns from it at all.

He told me he was a blogger and went on to tell me how he monetizes his blog with banner ads like Google Adsense. That was to be my first orientation into the world of blogging.

What If...

What if I hadn't walked into that classroom that day by a twist of fate?

What if I had just minded my business when eating and I didn't bother to initiate a conversation with that dude?

I'll tell you what would've happened...

My degree would've gotten me a job as an IT Consultant, probably sitting in a cubicle, with a boss dictating to me how I should live my life

No, thank you. That's now how I planned my life out to be.

Make Money Blogging In 6 Months Or Go Look For A 'Real' Job

That was the unspoken deadline my family gave me after I finished from the university and decided to set up my blog

After I graduated from the university, I started my National Youth Service, a compulsory one-year governmental scheme all graduates had to go through in my country before becoming eligible to start working with their university certificates. It was supposed to last for roughly 12 months.

I was six months into my Youth Service when I finally decided it was time to set up my kickass online business. My family was okay with this since I could 'while away' time before I complete the remaining six months of my Youth Service, but they weren't too comfortable when I told them I'll be blogging full-time, even after my Youth Service has been completed.

I could sense this when my dad would inform me of a job opening, only to have a skeptical look on his face when I replied that I would like to concentrate fully on my blog.

While they could accept it for now as I had six months remaining to go, I wasn't sure they'll accept my decision after the remaining six months period had elapsed.

I had Six Months to start earning from my blog

It was a do-or-die affair for me because I didn't want to get a 'real' job, have a boss place a salaried price tag on my personal value, give up total control of how and where my day is spent, and ultimately lose total control of the direction my life is headed.

Days before I took out my credit card to purchase the domain name for my blog, I decided to read the success stories of some blog experts and coaches. I wanted to know how long it took them before they started gaining traction and earning with their blogs.

I discovered that it took most of them between 1-3 years before they struck gold with their first blog. The successful ones among them made it after 7 months of launching their blog.

This wasn't what I wanted to hear.

I knew it was possible to make it blogging. But, does it have to take so damn long? I only had six months.

Right there and then,

I decided that I was going to monetize my blog from Day One

And I did it.

Within the first few months via affiliate marketing.

Now, I know there are still tons of bloggers out there who still believe they have to endure their first few years of 'small beginnings'.

Bloggers who still run their blog with nothing but painful endurance, passion, long suffering, stamina, grinding of teeth, amidst bitter sobs at night in the hope that their blogs will become established, attract a wider reach of audience and make more money in one year time.

It doesn't have to be so. That was what our predecessors in the blogging industry passed through. That was the experience of the old blogging gurus.

The point is, it is very possible to earn your first income online in six months or seven months.

First off, you need Traffic!

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