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11 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant No One Shares

When people think about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, the usual thoughts are that they’re cheaper than a full-time employee and they help you scale business growth. While that’s true, it goes deeper than that as I’ll show you in this post.

“Your online business is supposed to be the medium through which you manifest your higher purpose on the earth.”

This is what Michael Gerber, the author of E Myth, said in a podcast with Tony and Vinay.

Michael E. Gerber is the one who popularized the use of systems in online businesses, a part of which involves hiring virtual assistants and putting project management tools in place to coordinate the running of your business without your constant input.

Most times, there’s always a gap between our online businesses and our purpose, between what we do now with our blog and what we were meant to create.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume that you’re actually living out your life’s purpose through your online business.

Or at least you’re close to doing that.

This is not one of the sexiest topics to be discussed when writing about the benefits of having a virtual assistant.

No one talks about this.

But the truth is that an entrepreneur will have a far-reaching impact, especially with a VA, when his business is aligned with what he was created to do on earth.

How can you live out your purpose when you’ve become so entangled in the minute day-to-day operations of your business?

You’re no longer seeing the big picture.

All you know now is that you’ve got to process that client’s order, get that email out, schedule your social media posts, and arrange the next meeting with a client.

Social media is one area that takes up the time of an executive the most. You can find a social media virtual assistant here for outsourcing.

What’s more?

Instead of going to bed with that feeling of accomplishment for the day’s activities, you wind up feeling so tired and irritable.

Your family now receives the short end of the stick.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

This isn’t what any of your loved ones bargained for.

The experience you’re having now is radically different from the entrepreneurial lifestyle you dreamt of when you started out.

Despite all of this, you know in your heart that something’s got to change.

Something got to change with the way you handle your business processes.

This is a problem you didn’t have when you began this online journey.

Your online business has grown to the point where it can no longer be a one-man show.

You’ve moved from the position of a sole proprietor to a director.

Instead of struggling with your former position as a soloist, embrace your new one as the conductor of an orchestra.

It is time you start delegating.

It is time you raised a right-hand man to assist you.

You don’t need an entire team to start enjoying the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Start by hiring just one virtual assistant.

That’ll be enough for now.

You can hire more as you grow and notice the difference a VA can have in your business and personal life.

Need a Virtual Assistant?

Over the years as a virtual assistant, I’ve taken off different low-value and uninteresting tasks from the shoulders of different brand executives, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks that generate the most business income.

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11 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant That’s Kept Secret


virtual assistant benefits

One of the benefits of using a virtual assistant is that they are independent contractors.

Unlike employees, they have their own laptops, working space, internet connection, and other working equipment. So, you won’t have to pay for those.

Virtual assistants help work towards the purpose for which you created your online business in the first place.

Let’s go over some other benefits of hiring a virtual assistant that people rarely talk about.

  1. Makes you remember why you wanted to become an entrepreneur

Think back to when you started your entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s admit the main reason you started it in the first place was because of the money.

But still, the online business you imagined was one that you would enjoy.

Chances are, the increased day-to-day boring and low-value tasks have sapped you of considerable creative energy that you’ve forgotten why you began in the first place.

First of all, let me hand it to you because if you’ve gotten to this point, it means you’ve been pretty successful at running your business.

One thing you must understand, though, is that there are seasons in business.

You’ve successfully completed the season of a one-man business show.

If you continue any further as a solo gang with the current amount of tasks you have to handle, your business will likely suffer from it.

You’ll be unable to respond to all your customer emails, you’ll feel as if you live for your business, your family life will be practically non-existent, and clients that weren’t attended to promptly will get angry and leave.

All of this is bad for the health of your online business.

All of this makes you lose the why of your business as you get absorbed in the daily, repetitive, activities.

By hiring a virtual assistant to handle administrative, repetitive, and low-value tasks, you’ll be less fatigued emotionally and mentally.

In this state of mind, you can easily remember why you do what you do.

You can remember why you started this whole thing in the first place.

And you’ll be able to take high-value action that’ll get you to where your business should be.

Remembering why you began is a source of motivation most productive CEOs use to power themselves each week.

Simple things like this can give you the energy to keep going when you’re tired, knowing that your VA is working right beside you, and eliminating tasks you don’t want to handle.

Don’t know where to find amazing virtual assistants?

I’ve compiled a list of trusted websites where you can find quality VAs. Go over it and make your pick.

  1. Speeds up the success of your business

No matter how you look at it, you just can’t ignore how much growth a VA can have on your online business.

Some activities directly result in higher income, others don’t.

Partnering with other brands, creating new courses, writing new blog posts, and thinking strategically of the next move, directly impacts business income.

These are high-value activities you should do yourself.

On the other hand, scheduling social media posts, replying to emails, arranging the next meeting with a client, booking flight reservations, transcribing audio to text, and entering data records, are tasks that do not directly generate income.

Frankly speaking, they are tasks any trained personnel can easily do.

What would you do if you no longer have to do those activities that do not impact income?

What if you could simply hand them out to a competent VA?

Imagine how many hours you would gain each day.

What would you focus on doing instead?

If your thoughts are the same as mine, you would immediately channel all your time towards those high-value tasks that move the needle the most.

All this while, you’ve been spending around 40% of your time on low-value tasks, (admit it, it’s easy to reply to emails all day) and 60% of your time on high-value tasks.

Imagine the massive growth that will occur when you give those high-impact activities a 100%.

You know what?

Most of your competition go about their businesses alone.

They still spend a considerable amount of time each day on those low-value tasks.

Besides, they probably think that having a virtual assistant is an expense they can’t afford at the moment.

By using a virtual assistant, you’re a step ahead of them.

You’ll have the opportunity to focus all your time on those tasks that bring in income for your business.

Expect to grow in leaps and bounds as you onboard a new virtual assistant.

  1. Prevents you from getting lost in the day-to-day business activities

Have you ever worked in an office before?

I’ll assume your answer is a muffled yes.

I know you opted for the ‘laptop lifestyle’ because you disliked the office environment and its politics.

Maybe you wanted the flexibility to work wherever you want, wanted to travel the world while working, or you sought to achieve financial freedom.

Whatever reason made you quit your 9-5 job, one thing is certain – you’ve probably seen and observed the CEO at your former place of work before.

I’ve also seen the CEO of the previous company where I worked, and I drew the following observations about his offline working style.

He doesn’t do everything himself.

Most often, a CEO has mastered the art of delegation.

While the work is going on without him, he outlines the new direction the company should take.

Afterward, he supervises what his subordinates have done.

And then he leaves work to watch his children’s sports game along with his wife.

Simple and short.

Why then do online entrepreneurs think they have to do everything themselves?

Why do we always think online businesses operate in a different way than offline businesses?

It’s not pleasant to admit it, but you haven’t operated in the position of a CEO as long as you’d like to think.

Up until now, you have filled in the position of every team member that’s supposed to be on your business.

Now, you can no longer do that because of the stage your online business is in.

If you’re to scale to the next stage, you’ve got to prevent yourself from getting sucked into the daily, administrative tasks that run your business.

There are tasks only you can do.

As a CEO, it’s a much better use of your time to focus on those tasks and delegate the rest.

A virtual assistant is a life-saver if you’d like to delegate, direct, and supervise.

  1. Allows you to see the big picture in the arms of your loved ones

Now that your VA is taking care of basic administrative activities, you can afford to step back from it all and reconnect with the grand vision of your business.

Even sweeter, you can visualize the big picture in the arms of your spouse.

Remember the reason why you wanted to make money online in the first place?

It wasn’t for you alone.

It was to blast off all financial worries from the mind of your loved ones.

You didn’t want money to become an issue to you or any member of your household.

Seeing the big picture involves doing a lot of creative thinking.

By delegating most tasks to your VA, you’re buying back your time.

You’ve freed up precious hours that can be used to let your imagination run wild.

You’ve made room for hours of brainstorming sessions that lead to breakthroughs.

Even though we know this exercise is important as entrepreneurs, we fail to do it regularly.

Life happens and we’re drawn into an endless stream of activities that go into building our brand.

Later, we realize that for our online business to go to the next level, we need to hire capable VAs.

You’re at that stage now.

With your virtual assistant, you can afford to take some time off for strategic thinking and planning.

Even better, when you’ve hired more than one virtual assistant and have a full team in place, you can schedule a weekly meeting of all your team members for brainstorming.

It’s at this place of creative and big-picture thinking that business-changing ideas and miracles occur.

All this is only possible when you have a virtual assistant in place.

If you’re wondering how to go about hiring a virtual assistant, I’ve written a guide that covers everything about how to find and hire virtual assistants.

I’m sure it’ll be of help to you.

  1. Helps you become a leader of men

Among the benefits of having a virtual assistant is that you’re likely to cultivate new people management skills.

If you haven’t had much experience in leading people before, hiring a virtual assistant will help develop that skill.

You’re going to need to train, give clear directions, request feedback, and supervise the work your VA is doing (at least, in the early stages).

One area of leading I’ve noticed that most entrepreneurs fail is in giving clear directions.

Chris Ducker, the author of Virtual Freedom, once related a story of how a client of his was having trouble finding the right VAs.

The client had previously fired two VAs and was in the process of showing the third VA the door when he invited Chris Ducker.

After orienting Chris with the third VA’s duties, Chris asked the client how he could be of help.

The client responded by saying that the VA seems to lack common sense.

He went on to tell Chris that the birthday of his ladylove was approaching and he wanted to get her a purse that she wanted badly when they went window-shopping.

All he knew about the purse was the designer’s name, so he submitted the designer’s name to the VA and asked him to search online for that purse.

The VA submitted a spreadsheet of thirty links to different purses.

Now, the client is complaining to Chris Ducker that there are no product images and prices, that he has to click on every link and he doesn’t have that time while question the VA’s common sense.

Chris asked him a simple question.

“Did you have the common sense to tell your VA to include product images and prices on the spreadsheet?”

After some seconds of silence, the client answered, “no.”

The moral of this story is simple – tell your virtual assistant exactly what you have in mind.

It’s easy to be tempted to assume that your VA should know some things without you saying it.

This single tip on giving clear directions will surely help you to become a leader of men.

You liked it, right? Find out more ways a VA can help your business.

  1. Enables you to have a life outside your business

You left your 9-5 job to start your online business with the hope of a flexible working style.

Two years down the line, how is your work style?

Would you say you’re working less and earning more?

Scratch that, would you say the work involved is less than your previous 9-5 job, or surprisingly more?

At your previous job, you filled only one position in the company.

Now, you’re filling every position in your business.

You might’ve noticed that you not only work during normal working hours, but you also work during the evenings, and sometimes at night.

I know, right?

That feeling of quitting your day job and working on your online business with additional tasks that weren’t even in your former job.

It’s like your former job, plus 15 new activities to do.

If you respond to your insane drive to succeed while going solo, your online business will eventually consume you.

It’ll be the only thing you have left in the world.

Your family will become a second place, and they’ll retreat for a while.

How can you maintain that delicate balance between work life and family life?

It’s simply by hiring a VA.

That’s all there is to it.

If you continually deprive yourself of having a life outside your business, you’ll lose things that are more important in life, and that’s relationships.

I know you’re a workaholic, but there’s a smarter way to go about building an online business.

The lifestyle you dreamt about when you started was one that you would be in control of.

You would work fewer hours and make more income.

Though the way you hoped to go about it was vague, it has now become clearer with the possibility of finding a virtual assistant.

This is the ultimate dream – work on the crucial aspects of your business, outsource the rest, and go spend time with your family.


  1. Cuts out all employee drama

When a group of people works closely together, there’s bound to be some form of clashing and drama due to differences in personalities.

This is what happens in a typical office full of employees.

Gossips, forming mini alliances, workplace envy, amongst others can take their toll on how productivity is being achieved in a day.

There’s a study that discovered that most employees are only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day.

They usually spend the rest of the time either surfing the net, playing video games, or attending to their side business.

Also, some employees can take unnecessarily long breaks during lunch hours.

They usually add an extra 45 minutes to the one-hour break designated for lunchtime by talking with friends and catching up with old acquaintances.

Having an employee comes with all sorts of baggage that you don’t need.

That’s one of the reasons most entrepreneurs turn to hiring virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants work from home with their own laptops and working equipment.

This makes them effectively immune to workplace distraction and drama, further supercharging their productivity.

VAs are always at your beck and call, never late, and are fully focused on helping your business succeed.

Due to the flexible nature of their job, they know there’s no way they can come up with an excuse for not getting the job done.

Virtual assistants value completing tasks as fast and as efficiently as possible.

They don’t require the level of supervision most employees need in order to get things done.

With an in-person employee, there’s a likelihood that you might not get along with them because you interact with them physically.

On the other hand, even if your virtual assistant has a personality that doesn’t flow well with yours, you would never know.

They are busy in another corner of the world working on your business and you only interact with them via video calls and emails.

If you hate any form of distracting drama in the workplace, a virtual assistant is what you truly need.

  1. Reduces operational costs

Before you consider hiring a full-time employee, you must’ve provided an office where they’ll carry out their work operations from.

Not only that, but an internet connection must also be in place, along with furnishing the office with tables, chairs, and a desk.

Some companies even provide their top-level employees with a personal car to avoid the daily commute to work.

All of this doesn’t apply to virtual assistants.

And it is one of the most convenient benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

It is three times cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than a full-time employee, as a study revealed that VAs save you up to 78% on operating costs each year.

When you want to bring in a virtual assistant, it’s up to your VA to provide his own laptop, internet connection, workplace equipment, and other things necessary for smooth operations.

With an employee, you’re the one who’s going to shoulder all those.

The way a virtual assistant is cheaper than a full-time employee is the major reason most online entrepreneurs turn to VAs.

Besides, some virtual assistants charge by the hour.

That means that if you have a specific set of tasks you want your VA to do in some hours, you can only pay your VA to work for those select hours.

This style of working makes them independent contractors that you can call in to accomplish something for you.

No contracts, no paper commitments, just paying a helping hand to assist you in an efficient way.

Besides, the salary of employees is usually around $3000 monthly.

But you can get a VA to work for you with a price below $1000 monthly.

The salaries of most virtual assistants start from $400-$5600.

Virtual assistants outside the U.S. and U.K. are considerably cheaper than those in the U.S. because of the lower standard of living.

Since I live outside the U.S., the price I charge for my virtual assistant services is on the low end, compared to a U.S. virtual assistant.

No matter how you look at it, hiring a virtual assistant is far cheaper compared to hiring a full-time employee.

  1. Allows you to finally settle in the shoes of a CEO

As your business is growing, it’s time you finally stopped filling all the departmental positions in your business.

Up until now, you were the head of content, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer, CTO, social media strategist, and CEO.

You haven’t operated in the position of a CEO for as long and as frequently as you’d have liked.

As a one-man show, you’ve been in and out of those positions when the need arose.

While this is acceptable when you were starting out and gaining momentum, the next level of growth for your business requires that you organize a team, even if it’s just a one-man team at first.

Businesses that scale has a solid team behind the scenes that ensure the smooth running of business operations without the founder’s presence and input.

There’s only so much you can build your online business by going about it solo.

The fact that you’re reading this article and thinking of hiring a virtual assistant means that you’ve been successful in growing your business from inception.

Now, you need to create solid systems and bring in a VA, at least one, that’ll speed up business processes and make your load much lighter.

You need to bring in a VA to enable you to concentrate on the core parts of your online business and critically make moves that’ll take it to its next level.

This is the stage where your virtual assistant can do all the things that anyone can do, such as administrative, social media, and repetitive tasks while you do those things only you can do.

A virtual assistant will make it possible for you to finally settle in the shoes of a CEO and make significant progress.

It’s in the place of running your business as a CEO that you can focus on those activities that move the needle the most.

  1. Saves you from extreme fatigue at the end of each day

Who gets the best of your time and energy – your business or family?

For some, it’s their business. For others, they prioritize their close relationships.

People prioritize different things in life.

But if you’re like me, you probably value your family and close relationships over money or your business.

And that means you’ll want them to get the best of you.

There’s no doubt that running a successful online business can be energy-consuming, especially when you alone are taking on all the responsibilities.

You’re probably going to work like this for the most part of your life.

Take a look at the energy level you’re bringing home to your family at the end of each day.

Do your wife and children deserve to have you looking so drab whenever you close your laptop?

Remember that you’ll be doing this for the remaining part of your life.

Is extreme tiredness the state of mind that you’ve specifically chosen to end your day?

There’s always so much to do and so little time to do it.

Some entrepreneurs have resorted to using productivity tools in an attempt to manage their day, but there’s only so much you can achieve with those.

Most top productive executives have found more success in building daily habits rather than relying on tools to stay productive.

Having a virtual assistant will ensure that your work is mostly that of supervision and less energy-draining activities.

It’s mostly the administrative and repetitive tasks that take up our energy most time.

With a virtual assistant on board, all you have to do is master a set of tasks that you want to outsource, create a training manual for it along with some screencast videos, and hand it out to your virtual assistant.

That way, your virtual assistant will have a step-by-step blueprint for following the activities you want to be done and you can wash your hands off that activity.

That’s the way CEOs handle things.

  1. Helps you to laser focus on your business growth

For you to have gotten this far, it means you must’ve learned the art of sticking to a project until it’s done.

You’ve probably had a few victories around this area.

Well, wouldn’t it be business savvy to narrow down your activities to only those actions that make the most impact?

Wouldn’t it be so much more fun and productive if you could simply outsource uninteresting and basic tasks to a virtual assistant?

What would it mean for your business if you could spend the next six months on only those activities that move the needle the most?

Could you earn an extra $3000 in a month?

The beauty of having a virtual assistant is in deciding the tasks that you’re going to spend your time on and those that aren’t worth your time.

Acutely focusing on those activities that directly result in higher income is another shade of beauty in hiring virtual assistants.

You already know a few of these high-value activities, but the problem up until now is that you just don’t have enough time to spend exclusively on them.

With a virtual assistant, all that’s going to be history.

You’ll be able to streamline your activities in such a way as to favor those high-dollar activities.

A virtual assistant affords you that luxury.

The ability to laser focus on business growth activities is an advantage you’ll have over your competitors, as most of them still run their business as a one-man show.

Every edge you can gain over your competitor counts when it comes to building an online business.

Plus, scaling your business will be much easier when you’re not going at it alone.

Want a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve worked as a virtual assistant for different online entrepreneurs and I’ve seen them first-hand enjoying the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

Most times, their business started experiencing growth a month after began working with them. I’m sure other entrepreneurs with amazing VAs have witnessed that too.

To get started, you can contact me right away.

Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey
Bryan offers virtual assistant services to online business owners. He's also a digital marketing expert dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with services like email marketing, content writing, and custom-related tasks.


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