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Content Writing Virtual Assistant [SEO Optimized]

Hiring a content writing virtual assistant for your blog posts ensures that high-quality, SEO-optimized articles are created on a regular basis for your blog.

Do you want to have top-rated content written for you regularly in the form of blog posts, eBooks, press releases, product pages, social media posts, and email copy?

Even better, these posts can be optimized for SEO to enable them to rank on Google and start generating free organic traffic as soon as possible.

I’m Bryan Grey, a content writer virtual assistant.

Here’s what I would do to write engaging content and make them rank on Google:

  • Perform keyword research and look for low-competition keywords with high monthly searches.
  • Approach each article from a unique angle and research deeply on each article.
  • Adhere to any writing guidelines laid out by you.
  • Write in a fun and engaging way that makes readers respond to any CTA (call-to-action) available.
  • Get royalty-free images for all blog posts.
  • Create meta description to go with all posts.
  • Format all content using appropriate headings along with short, easy to read paragraphs.

Create a lasting first impression on the mind of your visitors with quality content

Upon entering your website, a first-time visitor establishes a bond with you through the words written on your blog post.

You connect with readers, who’re likely to turn into subscribers and customers, primarily through your written content.

Words create emotions.

Words build trust.

And without trust, there’s no way customers will be convinced to patronize you and part with their hard-earned money.

Simply put, your business is doomed to fail if care is not taken on the quality of content published on your website.

Three main fronts in your online business require high-quality content to create brand awareness and convert readers into subscribers and die-hard fans.

They are your blog posts, social media posts, and email copy.

Out of these three, email campaigns and educational content via blog posts are the top two ways content marketers use in building a relationship with their audience.

Every content marketer aims to direct readers through the sales funnel until they end up buying a product, and become repeat buyers.

This is done by creating blog posts and email campaigns that cater to every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Usually, blog posts are written in such a way as to convert passive readers into active email subscribers.

The subscribers are then nurtured through your email list until they become warm leads, ready to buy any product you have to offer.

All of this requires carefully crafted words that touch across the pain points of your audience, encouraging trust and readiness to find a solution in your brand.

Content writing does this and is at the heart of every online business.

Besides, small businesses that produce blog posts experience 126% lead growth than those without a blog.

If you’re not a natural writer, you might spend more time than necessary writing a single blog post.

What if you could outsource it all to a content writing virtual assistant?

That would allow you to focus on those areas of your online business that directly impact revenue.

Why do you need a content writing virtual assistant?

You need one to be the voice of your blog.

A voice filled with so much personality that readers can’t help but connect, and ultimately trust your brand.

Most small business blogs sound the same.

Having a content writing virtual assistant that can give a personality to your blog posts will increase the likelihood of readers responding to a call-to-action since they feel like they know and can relate to your brand.

Infusing personality into your writing is what makes it unique from all other posts your readers have gone through.

People want to do business with people, not some inanimate business website.

Most times, the end goal of our content marketing efforts is to get people to sign up to our email list, take a quiz, or do some other action that’ll put them on the path to sales.

This requires a certain mastery of content marketing.

Knowledge of how to build momentum with words, and highlight the problems of readers, while gently guiding them towards the solution you offer – towards the action you want them to take in getting results.

This is a core reason why you’ll need virtual assistant content writing services.

Another reason is to write blog posts that can rank favorably on Google.

For this, you need a virtual assistant with a website that has proven that he can rank his own blog posts on Google.

Most of my blog posts rank on the top three pages of Google for their targeted keywords.

Lastly, you need a virtual assistant to create amazing content for you because you don’t have the time.

It gets worse if you lack the innate ability to write.

You could find yourself using way too much time to create a single blog post.

That time could be directed to another activity that moves the needle in your business while your VA handles content creation.

How can I help?

I’ll start by researching for content ideas and keywords you can easily rank for on Google, so you can start receiving free organic traffic in the shortest possible time.

Though Google Keyword Planner is a free tool to perform keyword research, there are other premium tools like the Keyword Everywhere extension for Chrome that gives specific monthly searches for keywords.

I’ll also draft a content calendar using those keywords so that we’ll not be at a loss for posts to create.

In writing a new article, I usually undergo extensive research on the topic so I can write beyond the surface level and use industry terms in my write-up.

I create different types of content such as blog posts, eBooks, online courses, social media posts, and email campaigns.

Most clients have writing guidelines outlined for writers. I’ll make sure that I follow the guidelines so that my writing style would be as close to your preference as possible.

I’ll create content written in a fun and engaging way while infusing my personality to it to elicit a connection from readers.

Here are some examples of blog posts I’ve written:

And you wouldn’t have to worry about sourcing images for your content, because I’ll get relevant images that are free to use for commercial purposes from trusted sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.

Most readers are visual learners that’ll require eye-catchy images to keep them interested and grasp concepts easily.

Not to mention that a long block of text without a single image is damn boring and can increase the bounce rate of a site, that is, the rate at which visitors go back to Google search after loading your site.

I won’t just create amazing articles for your site, I’ll create a meta description for each of them.

Google recommends that every blog post has a meta description.

Most SEOs have observed that meta descriptions help to increase the click-through rate (CTR) of a blog post.

A carefully crafted meta description can lure a Google user to click through to your website to see what’s in it for them.

Before I finally submit my work to you, I’ll proofread, edit, and run it through an online text editor to ensure it’s free of grammatical errors.

I’ll also format and arrange the posts in an easy-to-read style by breaking the text up with the right headings and making paragraphs short for easy comprehension.

The writing must flow in an emotional and logical sequence from the beginning to the end.

As a content writing virtual assistant with years of experience creating blog posts optimized for SEO, you can trust me on this.

What to expect?

  • Well-researched keywords for good Google rankings
  • Content calender based on the keywords
  • In-depth research on the article topic
  • Observance of writing guidelines
  • Engaging content written with a touch of personality
  • Copyright-free images
  • Meta descriptions accompanying blog posts
  • Well-formated articles
Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey
Bryan offers virtual assistant services to online business owners. He's also a digital marketing expert dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with services like email marketing, content writing, and custom-related tasks.


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