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11 Email Marketing Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

I explain the email marketing tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant if you’re thinking of bringing one into your online business.

You’ll know exactly what to delegate to record the most growth in your email list without having to think too hard about it.

The thought and effort that goes into building and managing your email list can leave you paralyzed to take action.

Especially when you consider the fact that email marketing is just one of the several important activities that cause your business to grow.

What you need in this case is a low-cost email marketing virtual assistant.

An email marketing virtual assistant has the necessary experience and training to attract leads to sign up for your emails, write emails to your audience to get them to take a specific action on your website, and place all the necessary automation and segmentations to manage your email list properly.

You won’t have to lift a finger to do anything, as your virtual assistant would regularly update you on the success of the email campaigns.

Now, you might want to give specific email marketing tasks to your virtual assistant and you’re not too sure what to outsource.

Don’t worry, that’s why I wrote this post.

I’ll go over the critical email marketing tasks that your virtual assistant should be doing frequently to grow and manage your email list.

Need an email marketing virtual assistant?

I’m a HubSpot-certified email marketer and I offer virtual assistant services to online businesses that need help with growing and managing their email list.

I’ll set up your opt-in forms, compose compelling email copies, and perform every task I’ve listed here to help grow your email list.

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11 Email Marketing Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

email marketing tasks virtual assistant

Here are the tasks that your email marketing virtual assistant can perform to optimize and grow your email list as you focus on other activities.

  1. Set up and design email opt-in forms

The best way to attract new email subscribers is to set up an opt-in form that people can sign up for and get added to your email list.

An opt-in form that converts usually has an irresistible offer that can solve your customer’s problems.

As such, high-converting forms are normally created as a way for your website visitors to sign up to receive a lead magnet that solves a specific problem for them.

The first email marketing task your virtual assistant should do is to create and design your opt-in form in such a way as to increase signup rates.

Then your virtual assistant would create an automated welcome email that goes out immediately after someone signs up for a form, giving them access to the lead magnet.

Most email marketing software like ConvertKit has options for creating different types of opt-in forms to get more email subscribers.

Your virtual assistant could use two or more types of opt-in forms such as popup, inline, or slide-in forms to get the best results.

  1. Upload email addresses to your email marketing software

If you already have a copy of your audience email addresses, your email marketing virtual assistant can quickly add them to your email list.

Emails gotten from manual signups of quizzes or an event happening on your website can be collated and added to a spreadsheet by your virtual assistant, before being uploaded to your email marketing software.

Are you moving from one email marketing software to another?

Your virtual assistant can export your current email list to a CSV file in a spreadsheet and upload it to your new email marketing software.

  1. Write engaging email copies and send them to your email list

The most important email marketing task for your virtual assistant is writing emails to your audience that get them to take action on your website.

Sending out regular emails to your audience nurtures trust and keeps them hooked to your brand.

This trust and attention will eventually be translated to sales whenever you decide to sell a product or a service.

Chances are writing emails is the last thing you want to do after you’ve spent hours crafting your blog posts and making YouTube videos.

That’s perfectly normal.

It would help if you didn’t force yourself to struggle in the area of creating engaging emails when you probably shine in hosting podcasts and creating sellable products.

A virtual assistant frees up your time and allows you to play to your strengths.

So, it’s okay to outsource the writing of email campaigns to your virtual assistant.

  1. Determine the appropriate email templates to use

Your virtual assistant can test out a series of email templates with your audience to find out the one that performs best.

For example, studies reveal that plain-text emails have a higher open rate than image-rich, HTML emails.

It’s the duty of your email marketing virtual assistant to find out if statistics like this hold true for your audience.

Over a series of testing, your virtual assistant will nail the working template to use in sending emails to your list.

  1. Perform email segmentation of your subscribers

It’s natural that subscribers in your email list will be interested in different things that your website has to offer.

What do you do in that case?

You use certain criteria to separate them into different, smaller email lists based on their interest.

For example, instead of setting up automation in your email marketing software to add leads who sign up for two different opt-in forms into one list, you could create two separate email lists for those forms.

Suppose the first opt-in form promises to deliver a resource on a fashion tip. In that case, you could name the email list that subscribers automatically enter after signing up for the form, “Fashion list.”

If the second form promises to deliver a checklist for starting a business, you could name the email list subscribers will be assigned to after signing up for the form, “Business topics.”

Instead of grouping everyone who signs up for both forms into one email list, you now have two separate lists where you could send targeted content that your audience will be interested in.

This is called email segmentation, and it boosts open rates by 203%.

You probably won’t have the time to send separate emails to different lists, and that’s why you need a virtual assistant for email marketing.

  1. Set automation rules and workflow

Automation rules and workflow are a critical part of advanced email marketing.

Emails can be automated to go out at certain times.

You can create rules and workflow for what happens when subscribers fill out a form – like adding them to a particular email list, sending them a welcome message, assigning a tag, moving subscribers from one list to another, or anything.

Your virtual assistant can handle these technical processes for you.

  1. Create automated, follow-up emails for cold outreaches

The chances of cold outreaches being successful increase when you send out follow-up emails.

The good thing is that you can ask your virtual assistant to write out follow-up emails in advance and schedule them to send weekly to your recipients until you get a reply.

Not only that, but your virtual assistant can also hunt for the email addresses of potential people you need to collaborate with within your industry so you can send out cold emails to them.

  1. Continuously test for the best send times for optimal open rates

It’s no news that emails get better open rates at certain times of the day.

A part of the tasks that you can outsource to your virtual assistant is in experimenting with different times of sending emails.

The reason for some emails getting good open rates at particular times could be your audience’s dominant demographic time zone.

Your virtual assistant would study the countries where the largest percentage of your email subscribers come from.

And then send emails at different times over a period of time to see which ones got the highest open rates.

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  1. A/B split test emails based on the headlines and other tweaks

For whatever reason, some emails perform better than others.

They have higher open rates and better click-through rates.

Your virtual assistant would determine why one email gets better engagements than the other email.

This is done through A/B testing.

Two similar emails with different headlines, or a different call-to-action button will be sent to two different subscribers in your email list.

The email that gets the highest engagement wins and your virtual assistant will know exactly why that happened.

  1. Regularly prune your email list

Over time, your email list will be filled with inactive subscribers and bots that do nothing but make your entire list bloated, causing you to spend more.

An email marketing virtual assistant will periodically clean up your list so that you have only truly engaged subscribers.

Doing this will also increase the open rates since your emails are reaching only active and interested subscribers now.

  1. Send performance reports to analyze the success of email campaigns

To keep track of the progress of your email campaigns, your virtual assistant can send a weekly, monthly, or annual performance report of what went down in your campaigns.

You’ll know what worked and what didn’t, and also what areas to focus your energies on.

Need an email marketing virtual assistant?

These are the email marketing tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant that’ll get you the most returns, engagements, and revenue.

If you need a certified email marketer and virtual assistant who would do all these for you, then contact me here.

Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey
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