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63 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

How can a virtual assistant help your business? The process of becoming a business owner always surrounds you with challenges like how to stay organized and sane. You are constantly bothered by these questions:

  • I run a little enterprise but the volume of emails and queries make me run out of my mind.
  • I cannot afford to hire a full-time administrative officer — because we have a tiny workplace.
  • Some tasks eat a lot of my time and don’t let me concentrate on my core business processes.
  • I was wondering about hiring virtual assistants?
  • What does a virtual assistant do? And how can one help my business?
  • Can virtual assistants help in the smooth process of my business?

Note from Bryan: Hi, this is Bryan stepping in real quick to let you know that this is a guest post. Samawat, from AcelerarTech shares practical ways on how a virtual assistant can help your business. Read on.

Let’s first understand “what is a virtual assistant?”

A virtual assistant is an independent employee who can assist you with several tasks including administrative, social media, business development, digital marketing, and more.

They free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers by taking all the recurring tasks and administrative work. The virtual assistant works remotely, often from a home office, and can also be located in another country.

Virtual assistants have gained popularity with small businesses over the past decade because they make a bunch of flexible workforces. A virtual assistant can be part-time, full-time, and contract-based, or exactly how you require it.

Need 25 hours or 40 hours a week? VAs are always available. You get a great steal deal by hiring a virtual assistant, for example:

  • You can pay them fixed prices per week or month.
  • Their charges are inexpensive.
  • It is easy to integrate a full-time virtual assistant into regular workflows and get enormous benefits from the arrangement.
  • A virtual assistant can learn any special software app your business requires.
  • They can also build a great relationship with your existing workers and customers while growing with you as your business grows.

Some virtual assistants work as independent freelancers while others are part of a company or an agency. When you hire a virtual assistant company, the company provides you with a flexible workforce.

Need a Virtual Assistant?

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How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business?

Ways a virtual assistant can help your business

Virtual assistants can be a great asset for your business’s productivity. Think around this line — how business owners spend their time is one of the major factors for the success of their business.

And to make their business successful, the business owners and key managers need to spend their time on all the high-value tasks. Now to spend time on high-value activities, they need a virtual assistant who can finish all their lower-value activities.

Just in case you’re still wondering, “how can a virtual assistant help your business?” Hiring a VA for yourself will immediately put an end to that apprehension.

A virtual assistant can help your business by performing a variety of tasks ranging from email management, social media management, data entry, and content writing to scheduling meetings.

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But these few are just the tip of the iceberg because anything that can be done online can be probably done by a virtual assistant.

63 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business Efficiently

We’ll highlight the different ways to answer the question of how can a virtual assistant help your business. Read on.

Email and Contact Management

If you open your mailbox and get a shocker because of the number of emails you have received or if you need someone to update your contact list — you may take notes. A virtual assistant can save hours of your time by doing the following tasks:

  1. Screen emails: VAs can delete, respond, forward, or flag emails for your attention —all as per your requirements or how you instruct them to.
  2. Adding new contacts: When you have a call or meeting with someone new, your VA can add that person’s details to your contacts.
  3. Update contacts: Sometimes, important information isn’t available at the moment. So a virtual assistant can add and update the information to the existing contacts — whenever the details are available.
  4. Add contacts to CRM: The major reason why small businesses don’t use their CRM app is because of the time involved in entering data. Virtual assistants can add that to your CRM system and keep it all organized.

To organize your email inbox in a professional and clutter-free manner, you’ll need to hire an email management virtual assistant.

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Calendar Management

One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face is managing personal and professional calendars. A virtual assistant can help you here as well:

5. Scheduling calls and appointments: This can save you a huge number of hours. You can ask your virtual assistant to follow a rule as to whom and when you can engage yourself with. VAs can also schedule calls and meetings for internal members.

6. Confirm appointments: A VA can work on your given list to confirm appointments. This protects you from wasting your time when the other party forgets.

7. Reminders: There are days when you might forget to make a call, especially when you are in back-to-back meetings. Your virtual assistant can call or text you a few minutes before to ensure that you don’t neglect to make that important business call.

8. Maintaining the pending list: By the end of every week, your VA can share the list of people who have not responded to your meeting requests. This makes you well-informed as to whom to approach next or when to get involved.

Phone Tasks

If you need some phone interactions, a virtual assistant can assist you here too:

9. Light receptionist duties: When expecting important calls that you may not be available to answer, you can forward the call to the virtual assistant.

10. Converting voicemails into texts: If you receive voicemails by email, you can always forward them to your VA for transcription. They can also assist you with necessary follow-up activities that might be required.

You’ll need a transcription VA to accurately convert audio files to text files promptly.

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Business Development

There is a lot of preparedness needed in business development. From researching leads to finding email addresses, a virtual assistant can assist you with these activities as well.

11. Finding email addresses: With parallel research and using databases along with Google, a virtual assistant can find the email address of prospective clients.

12. Research leads on LinkedIn: All businesses either B2B or B2C must keep a list of ideal clients for their business. A VA under your guidance can research LinkedIn and build a list of prospective clients for you.

13. Enhancing presentations: A virtual assistant can enhance proposals by updating them with important logos, color schemes, and designs.

Travel Arrangements

Arranging flights and hotels for business travel could take away more time than you think. A VA can be a time-saving wizard for you here. They can:

14. Screen flights: A VA can research the best flights as per your requirements and present options to you. By screening important details like airline names, seats, and other preferences, your virtual assistant can save you a whole lot of time.

15. Research hotels: You can provide your virtual assistant with details of your hotel preferences and they can shortlist hotel details for you.

16. Book flights and hotels: Taking the entire process forward, you VA can book your travel tickets once you’ve made up your mind about your choices.

17. Research and book transportation options: Your VA can research for rental cars, rides, and other public transportation in the touring city. They can also book them all as per your requirements and instructions.

18. Arrange for the meeting setup: Whether it is the meeting place or a special restaurant, your virtual assistant can make all necessary arrangements for you.

Management Functions

When you scale your business, there will be many management functions that need to be done, for instance, you may require compiling reports for clients. This may take a lot of your time as you might require putting together a lot of data you may have.

You also need to recruit more people for the increasing work. Some of these tasks can be easily delegated to your virtual assistant.

19. Report compilations: A virtual assistant can create KPI or any other kind of reports at pre-determined gaps to track progress.

20. Recruiting new employees: Your virtual assistants can screen LinkedIn or other job portals for prospective employees


Have a virtual assistant if bookkeeping or sending invoices makes you anxious. They can help you to achieve all these below.

21. Maintain the records: With a little handholding, virtual assistants can assess transactions and handle periodic reconciliations.

22. Chase payments:  Virtual assistants can follow your organization’s accounts receiving process and chase payments whenever needed.

23. Regulate invoices: With the help of templates, your virtual assistant can create invoices and send them to clients.


As a business owner, your job is also about simultaneous planning for your company’s future. With all the major work, you also need to focus on creating new products and services. Your virtual assistant can help you in these processes to take your business to the next level.

24. Convert documents: Have a JPEG image but need a PDF document? A virtual assistant can convert it quickly for you.

25. Filling out online forms: A virtual assistant who is well informed about the company can fill out forms to subscribe to different online tools and products.

26. Attend webinars for you: On some days when you would like to have information from a webinar but don’t wish to invest the time to watch, a virtual assistant can attend the same and provide you with all the important notes.

27. Research: A VA can conduct first-level business research for you. They can also help you with competitive research.

28. Project management system: Your virtual assistant can set up project management systems using tools like Trello and then invite the concerned participants.

29. Social media management: A virtual assistant can schedule your social media posts as per your process.

30. File management: A VA can help you in file management by ensuring that files are put in the correct location with the correct name.

31. Proofreading and editing: A little mistake in a proposal document can turn off a client and thus to avoid such scenarios, your VA can proofread and edit your presentations, emails, or any other piece of content.

Personal Chores

Virtual assistants not just help you in professional setups but can also help you lead a peaceful personal life by doing those personal errands for you.

Whether it’s about sending a gift to your loved ones or making a café reservation for them; VAs can cater to your chores and help off-load mundane family tasks, allowing you to spend that much-needed time with your loved ones

32. Dinner reservations: Armed with your personal preferences, your virtual assistants can book restaurant or dinner reservations and can also invite your guests.

33. Send gifts: Your assistant can look for a great gift and send it to your loved ones—exactly how you wish them to!

34. Do online shopping for you: Online shopping takes up a lot of time. You can easily share your preferences and ask your virtual assistant to purchase them online for you.

35. Track orders: When an order isn’t delivered on time, a virtual assistant can track the order and keep you updated.

36. Managing family calendar: This too can be easily performed by your virtual assistant — saving you a lot of time.

37. Pending bills: Your virtual assistant can remember and pay your outstanding bills without fail, keeping your credibility intact.

38. Medical appointments: Your virtual assistant can schedule your routine doctor visits so that you aren’t bothered about those annoying forms and formalities.

39. Get relevant information: Your VA can also call a store to find any information you require, whether you are searching for a rare bottle of wine or any other gift.

Creating Content

Content writing is one of the biggest ladders in digital marketing. It can help your drive traffic and boost search engine optimization.

Without content marketing, it can be hard for new visitors to discover your products or services. Your hired VA can perform a variety of content-related tasks for you.

  1. Writing blogs and unique articles: Your VA can do parallel research and curate articles or blogs for your website.
  2. Email content: Virtual assistants can also assist you with cold emails and follow-up emails for any kind of marketing campaign that you are launching for your product or services.
  3. Keyword-rich content: Not just regular content but your VA can also write content that is SEO-friendly and has the potential to drive prospective visitors.
  4. Drafting and formatting texts: If you have written content that needs to be well formatted, your VA can also help you in neatly doing so.

You’ll need a content writing virtual assistant, who has a background in blogging preferably.

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Managing Finances

Virtual assistants can help you manage your business’s finances. They may not be able to help you with accounting but can always help you organize and manage your business’s economics.

  1. Transparent finances: Your virtual assistants can maintain budgets, make purchases and keep a track of all your expenses — to make your finances as transparent as possible.

Social Media Management

Social media is a major weapon in your marketing plan. It’s the exact place where your potential customers will notice and engage with you. If you do not have the bandwidth to handle social media activities, your virtual assistant can help you with it.

A social media VA can do the following below for you.

  1. Develop an effective social media strategy: Even if you already have a social media marketing strategy, your VA can pitch new ideas and give you practical insights into the social media world.
  2. Grow your social media visibility: Your VA can create engaging posts to reach out to people, make your page look attractive, coordinate with influencers and keep everything up-to-date.
  3. Create social media content: A social media virtual assistant can help you create compelling social media content that your visitors will love. They can take care of everything from copywriting content to scheduling posts on your social media platforms!
  4. Monitor and engage in conversations: Your VA can reply to every message in the company’s inbox, answer questions in comment sections, deal with negative comments and manage your giveaways with other social media promos.
  5. Keep your social media account in sync with the trend: They can keep track of what’s going viral, monitor interactions, and analyze statistics to see what converts best.


Research is an essential part of any company’s growth strategy. Without enough insights, a business will never know how to grow. However, a business owner cannot spend a lot of time on research while trying to run every other process of the business.

A virtual assistant whose natural language is data crunching can perform the best research for your business.

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  1. Travel research: Your virtual assistant can do travel research and come up with recommendations, detailed itineraries, and pull out information on places of interest, cities, and more.
  2. Influencer research: Your virtual assistant can scan all the trending influencers in your field and find the most appropriate one — that can be the perfect fit to market your business.
  3. Lead generation: Your virtual research assistant can scan online networking sites and business avenues to find potential business opportunities and a new target audience for your services.
  4. Product and market research: Your VA can mine data for your marketing strategies and plans so that you make an informed decision.
  5. Database research: Your virtual research assistant can extract data from the web and organize it into the database by regularly updating it for you.
  6. Trend research: Your virtual assistant can stay on the lookout for any new developments in your field so that you are always updated without much hassle.
  7. Web research: The VA can help you get quotes for anything you wish to buy online. They can bring the best options for you to compare and make an informed buying decision.

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Customer Service

Your customers aren’t interacting with you in person, so you don’t need an in-house customer executive. Also, as most customer service interactions are largely centered on addressing concerns and queries that can be answered easily, you don’t need a high level of expertise here.

A virtual assistant who can understand what it is that you offer can be easily prepared to answer any questions about it.

A customer service VA will do the following for you.

  1. Responding to customers: Your VA can respond to your customer’s queries through phone or any other means of communication. They can also direct important calls to you.
  2. Make calls on your behalf: Your virtual assistant can return phone calls on your behalf, possibly guided by scripts you prepared in advance.
  3. Voicemails: They can also check all the voicemails and respond to them.
  4. Raising tickets: Your VA can create tickets, respond to them and close them upon completing the tasks.
  5. FAQs: They can create a list of frequently asked questions on your website and update it.
  6. Exchange and cancellations: Your virtual assistant can smoothly handle all exchanges and cancellations.
  7. Highlighting positive feedback: Your VA can display positive customer feedback on your website.

Things a Virtual Assistant Would Never Do

There are lists of things that virtual assistants cannot do but you need not worry about a virtual assistant’s attitude and quality of work if you ask them to do something. A VA does not:

  • Roll their eyes at you. And even if it happens, you won’t see it! And what’s great is that you won’t “hear” it in any conversation.
  • Need a bigger office or separate desk. This is because these individuals won’t be sharing your office space, so there’s no need to make extra room.
  • Create drama. Since the nature of the relationship is long-distance, it means that most office drama that comes with employees is almost negligible.

Virtual Assistants Can Be a Game-changer in Your Business!

Whether you want to scale your business, stop doing monotonous tasks, or just want some free time, a VA can be a game-changer. Employing a virtual assistant for your business could be a turning point for your business.

Lately, if you have been thinking about how can a virtual assistant help your business, hire one today and see the magic of productivity and growth unfold. You can always choose to research and do proper analysis before hiring your virtual assistant.

Want a Professional Virtual Assistant?

I’ll like to help your business in all the ways that were mentioned in this article.

I’ve done that for different online entrepreneurs and I want to do it for you.

You can free up your time by delegating those tasks to me as your virtual assistant.

To get started, contact me here.

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