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Virtual Assistant for Bloggers

Having a virtual assistant for bloggers makes you spend less time on activities like social media management, and instead do more high-impact tasks like creating new blog posts or courses.

Without a VA, you’ll be forced to do everything yourself, making it a matter of time before you burn out.

Most bloggers, no matter how they love their blogs, hate doing certain activities required for blog growth.

For some, managing and growing all their social media accounts is damn stressful.

For others, it’s the insane amount of time spent replying to emails and designing the images of blog posts.

At the beginning of your online journey, you could take on all these things yourself without breaking a sweat.

Fast forward to today, and it feels like your business is consuming you. Like you’re being dragged on the floor recklessly by the day-to-day chariot of operations on your blog.

Everyone else has their business, personal, and family life under control, except you.

Other bloggers seem to be everywhere at once, managing their online businesses like a pro without burning out, except you.

Wouldn’t you want to know the secret of those established bloggers who actually got it all together?

There’s a certain 10% of bloggers who actually have their acts together. Not everyone fakes these things, you know.

They do only the blog activities that make them happy and outsource the rest.

It goes like this.

They hate keyword research, so they hand it out to a blogger virtual assistant.

They love writing blog posts, so they write and infuse their voice into it so their audience can recognize and relate to the content.

Formatting and uploading the post to WordPress is a drag, coupled with whipping up images for the post. So they delegate it.

Promoting the post on social media feels like a waste of time even though it isn’t. So, they have their virtual assistant do that while they happily think of the next blog post to create.

Everyone on the outside, including you, sees this blogger consistently updates posts on the blog, is always present on social media and even creates new products with a godlike endurance.

And an honest reflection of yourself got you remembering the way you lost steam the last time you tried to be robotically consistent in creating new posts and products while managing your emails and social media.

Truth is, everyone, including those who seem to manage their blogs perfectly well, acts like you.

From this level of blogging, which you’re presently in to realize your need for a VA, they too will burn out if they tried to go at it all alone.

What’s happening is that they know something that you don’t.

They know that your blog will keep growing until it gets to a level where there’s a roof over your growth.

A roof that can’t be broken by doing everything yourself.

A roof that can’t be broken by being the content writer, researcher, editor, publisher, social media manager, graphics designer, copywriter, web developer, transcriptionist, and customer service officer.

The only way to move forward and scale to the next level of growth will be to move from the position of a soloist to the conductor of a choir.

Go from being a one-man show to being a delegator.

I’m Bryan Grey, a virtual assistant for bloggers and I’m going to show you how to get out of this rut.

And I’m here to help you with that.

Need a Virtual Assistant for Bloggers?

As a blogger myself, I perfectly understand your needs and can handle all those activities you don’t want to spend time on like social media and email management, data entry, email marketing, and content writing, amongst others.

To get started, you can contact me right here.

Here’s what I would help you with as a blogger virtual assistant

blogger virtual assistant

Of course, these are the more common activities that I help bloggers with, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have other needs.

I’m able to handle any special task that you want to be done, aside from those that I mentioned below.

Let’s go over them.

  1. Manage your social media handles

Aside from SEO traffic, social media is the biggest way most bloggers get the majority of their traffic.

Since traffic from Google isn’t always forthcoming when a new blog is opened, bloggers turn to social media to attract visitors to their blog.

And because the blog isn’t big yet, the insane amount of time spent on social media platforms trying to make it work easily goes unnoticed.

The problem begins when the blog starts experiencing some level of traction.

Traffic increases, and so do the customers.

Proposals, complaints, collaborations, and inquiries flood your email inbox from potential partners and customers alike.

Not enough time to answer every one, not enough time to create products or offer services, and certainly not enough time to spend growing your social media presence.

At this point, most online entrepreneurs seek outside help or resign themselves to a dwindling social media following.

It’s tempting to just focus less on promoting your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

However, doing that is suicidal to your business as 57% of people follow a brand on social media to learn about new products or services.

Imagine the percentage of people who are ready to follow you just to learn more about what you have to offer.

They actively seek to spend on a product or service you’re about to create that’s of help to them.

And that’s the part where I come in.

On taking over your social media accounts, I’ll update your profile and bios to optimize them for conversion.

I’ll create and schedule social media posts of all new and existing blog posts according to the dominant format of each platform.

Videos for YouTube. Text, videos, and images for Twitter and Facebook, videos and pictures for Instagram, and tall images for Pinterest.

Engagement with your social media followers will be taken care of and I’ll offer suggestions on how we can improve your social media following.

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  1. Keyword research

Performing keyword research is the primary way bloggers come up with content ideas that have guaranteed monthly searches.

Many activities go into writing a blog post. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself.

Keyword research is one of those semi-creative tasks that are done before writing a blog post. One which any trained VA can handle.

If you feel like you got to take part in the content creation process, then it’s got to be the writing of the blog post itself.

Even at that, most online business owners outsource the writing to skilled content writer virtual assistants.

The secret to researching keywords is looking for those with high search volume and low competition.

A virtual assistant for bloggers will have an adequate background in blogging to do this.

In handling your keyword research, I intend to source for low-hanging keywords using free tools like Google Keyword Planner and premium tools like the Keywords Everywhere extension for Chrome.

Having the Domain Authority (DA) of your website in mind, I’ll make sure that sites with DA similar to yours rank for the keywords I’ve sourced for.

That way, you won’t have trouble ranking for a particular keyword.

With me as your virtual assistant, be assured of having a list of keywords on demand that your blog can rank for on Google and other search engines.

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  1. Drafting a content calendar

Content calendars ensure that no blog topic is lost, as we schedule all the topic ideas gotten from keyword research over a period of time.

By writing down and scheduling content ideas, the issue of consistency and thinking of what next to write will be defeated.

Even if you had no intention of putting up a content calendar, you’ll need one now as you’re about to hire a VA.

Laying out the content on a single interface ensures that members of your team are on the same wavelength.

Blog posts aren’t the only posts that can be on a content calendar. Different types of content such as case studies, press releases, quizzes, and even the design of images can earn a slot in your content calendar.

Most times, a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs is what’s required to draft a content calendar that’ll be accessible to the whole team.

At other times, we’ll need to use project management tools like Asana and Trello, though they’re paid tools.

I have experience using project management tools like Trello, as well as drafting content calendars in Google spreadsheets.

And with one in place, each person on your team will know exactly what the next step of a project is.

  1. Writing and editing blog posts

Blog posts are the major marketing funnel of every online business.

Through them, prospective customers get indoctrinated into your brand, trust is built, and sales are made.

Wouldn’t you want a high-quality content writer to be the voice of your blog?

A voice that speaks to the peculiar struggles of your target audience.

A voice that your customers can relate to, trust, and part with their hard-earned money.

A voice that provides a written solution to their problems in an easy-to-read, fun style.

You’ll need a virtual assistant for content writing to get that done. Bonus point if the VA has amazing writing portfolios or owns a website with proven content that has engagements.

I’ll help you create top-quality blog posts that are optimized for conversion, whether email conversion or any call-to-action available.

I understand that some online entrepreneurs aren’t comfortable outsourcing content writing to a VA.

Maybe you fall into that category.

You believe that you’re the one with the experience, skills, and adequate knowledge to communicate with your audience.

I agree with you, though it doesn’t mean you have to undertake the entire content creation process yourself.

You could write and then outsource the editing and proofreading to me.

As a blogger and content writer virtual assistant, you’ll need a second pair of eyes like mine to go through your post and save you time and stress.

  1. Design images for blog posts

Blog readers spend a long time in a post with images than on one without images.

Visuals make a post interesting and fun.

At the same time, they’re perfect for explaining complex concepts that would’ve been troublesome to put into words.

Among the SEO community, there are claims that a blog post with images ranks higher in search results than one without images.

Even if that’s not true, it’s interesting to observe how blog posts without images experience a higher bounce rate than a post with images.

In a study conducted, comparing the page views of posts with and without images, it was discovered that posts with images had 94% more views than posts without images.

Aside from the number of views, it reduces the bounce rate of a post as readers take a longer time to view and assimilate images than texts.

Most bloggers are good at creating articles, but not so good at designing accompanying images for their posts.

It’s very tempting to use royalty-free images from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels, instead of using an original image.

The thing with downloading such copyright-free images is that you’re not the only one using them.

Thousands of bloggers also use them. And it’s not professional for readers to visit another site and stumble upon the same image that was used on one of your posts.

Google can mark such images as duplicate content, thereby affecting your search engine rankings.

Even purchasing stock images from premium sites like Deposit Photos doesn’t mean that you alone will have access to such images.

Other bloggers can still purchase and use them on their sites.

The best approach to using images for your blog posts is by taking photos yourself or designing one with online photo editors like Canva.

A virtual assistant for bloggers can easily create original images using Canva, as that’s the most realistic option of getting pictures for your post as opposed to taking them yourself with a camera.

I can design feature images, graphs, illustrations, and other designs for your blog posts. Not only that, but I will also create branded graphics for you that will be used on social media.

  1. Format and publish blog posts

The content of a blog post is as important to readers as the way it is presented and arranged.

The presentation and arrangement of a text can make the difference between a reader hitting the “back” button or scrolling further down the page.

Long blocks of text without any line break appear more difficult to read, leading to an increased chance of not reading at all.

Shorter sentences, on the other hand, seem easy to consume. And as such, are digested quickly.

Headings are also another area that’s important to both humans and search engines.

And also using bulleted lists as a way of segregating and placing emphasis on a piece of information.

The right use of bold or italic on a text and springing up a blockquote here and there is a formatting technique that can keep the interest of readers for long.

A well-formatted post makes for good publishing.

You don’t have to go through the stress of formatting and publishing a post. I can do all that for you.

This blog I own is a WordPress blog.

Working as a virtual assistant for bloggers, I have experience not only publishing on WordPress, but also publishing on Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, and Weebly.

Aside from that, I’ve got experience using different website builders in WordPress such as Thrive Architect and Elementor.

Be rest assured that your posts will come out in your preferred style and design.

  1. Fix WordPress technical issues

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress require maintenance and technical fixing from time to time.

The WordPress software itself gets updated regularly, as well as installed plugins.

If your WordPress is not updated when there’s a new version available, you make it easy for hackers to strike.

Though it requires little time to update a CMS and plugins, the time spent doing it can quickly add up over months or years.

Technical issues on WordPress are not just limited to updates.

You could have issues about your AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) pages not showing on Google, Google Search Console crawl issues, robots.txt file, or an SEO issue involving a plugin like Yoast SEO.

Instead of spending half a day, or sometimes the entire day fixing it and getting worn out, you could easily delegate it to a VA.

With years of experience owning a WordPress blog, I’ve successfully resolved many AMP errors and Google Search Console errors on my blog.

Not only that, I’m an expert at optimizing blog posts for Yoast SEO or any other SEO plugin you have.

There’ll be no need to panic and have thoughts of bringing in a web developer when things like that come up.

A virtual assistant with experience using different CMS can easily handle it and give you peace of mind.

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  1. Source for guest post opportunities

Guest posting was once a good way to gain traffic back to your blog. Well, not anymore.

Now, it’s used more as a way to establish authority, build brand awareness, and snag a nice backlink.

Guest blogging isn’t dead, even if some sources would have you believe that. It’s just that it has been abused so much that its rewards have been re-evaluated by Google in recent years.

Still, a relevant guest post on an authoritative website with a similar niche to yours can do wonders for your brand.

Except for one thing – hunting for a website to guest post is time-consuming.

Most websites have a series of guidelines you’ll have to follow before you can submit a guest post.

Coupled with the fact that the number of websites declining guest post offers is steadily on the rise.

You need not spend time sifting through the available blogs that’ll accept your guest posts.

That’s a perfect task that a virtual assistant for bloggers can handle.

As a virtual assistant, I’ll source for guest post opportunities mainly through cold email outreaches.

A simple search on Google for, “niche + write for us” will return a list of sites accepting guest posts.

For example, the keyword “gardening + write for us” will return different gardening blogs that currently accept guest posts.

If you approve, I could also provide topic ideas for the guest post and write them if possible.

Aside from the authority and trust conferred on your brand when you’re mentioned on a related blog, a backlink in return helps your SEO ranking.

Guest posting on different blogs will see the presence and authority of your online business grow steadily.

  1. Transcribe audio or video files to text documents

Over time, you’ll have cause to create video courses or host podcasts. And you’ll need a transcript file to go with it.

When it comes to transcription, you’ll need a VA that not only types fast, but also types accurately.

A virtual assistant that gets the transcript right on the first try will speed up turnaround time and reduce a lot of back and forths.

One reason why inaccuracy is frequent among transcription virtual assistants is because of the strong, and sometimes unclear accents most speakers use in audio files.

A transcription VA who has over the years trained his ears to pick out the most inaudible sounds will be most useful in getting your files transcribed.

I won’t only have your audio files written efficiently, but I would also deliver them in the format you desire like PDF, Word doc, Google doc, or TXT documents.

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  1. Design opt-in forms and manage your email list

Not many marketing channels bring in sales as email marketing.

Building and nurturing an email list is generally regarded as one of the safest ways to make explosive sales on demand.

Different email marketing software like ConvertKit, Aweber, and Drip can be used in this regard.

You’ll need a virtual assistant for email marketing who’s able to attract leads by designing opt-in forms, connecting them with an email marketing software of your choice, and creating a series of email campaigns.

Email campaigns can be used to launch your products using a solid product launch formula.

In the absence of products, a virtual assistant can simply direct subscribers to your blog posts or share helpful, industry insights with them.

This act creates trust and warms up your audience to buy from you, should you have anything to sell later.

Your website might have different opt-in forms containing different lead magnets that aren’t related.

As such, grouping all your email subscribers into one email list will mean that some of them will receive information that they didn’t sign up for since there is more than one lead magnet on your site with different topics.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site, you might put up two lead magnets, one for men’s wear and the other for women’s wear.

The audience for men’s wear won’t be interested in topics pertaining to women’s wear and vice versa.

In this case, you’ll need an experienced virtual assistant for bloggers with a solid knowledge of email segmentation.

Email segmentation involves creating different email lists for subscribers based on what they signed up for so that they receive only more of what they want.

That way, the number of unsubscribes you’ll witness will be reduced.

You’ll also need your email list to be pruned regularly because spam email addresses also sign up for your offers.

Before you know it, they quickly add up and force you to move to a higher pricing plan in your email marketing software, increasing the cost unnecessarily.

Asides from the cost, you won’t get a true picture of your real email subscribers.

So, pruning your list regularly saves you from lots of financial and analytical headaches.

As a virtual assistant, I’m willing to manage and grow your email list, while handling all the techy stuff that comes with it like the design of opt-in forms, the connection of forms to email marketing software, troubleshooting of errors, and others.

  1. Email support and management

I’ve read about some online entrepreneurs that receive more than 20 emails a day. One even claimed to get 50 emails a day.

Realistically, they can’t respond to all. Some emails go unanswered and others get lost. Among these could be important customer inquiries.

How in the world are they supposed to cope with that while actively growing their business?

At this point in the journey of an online business owner, the only way to escape plowing in your inbox for hours every day is by hiring a virtual assistant for email management.

Your business productivity will witness a gradual decline, or at best, will have a snail-paced growth if you keep going at it yourself.

An email management virtual assistant will first create folders for different types of emails like family, business, and school, and then set up automatic inbox rules to sort all incoming emails to their appropriate folders.

This will create an organized and easy-to-access inbox.

The next step will be the mass deletion of all unwanted emails and ongoing unsubscribes from unwanted email newsletters.

Templated emails will be created to answer those inquiries from customers with recurring questions, so you won’t have to answer from scratch each time.

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If you have a support desk, I’ll be happy to take over the answering of customer emails.

With your guidance on what to reply to customers, I will always have helpful and prompt answers to all their questions.

Want a Virtual Assistant for Bloggers?

Kiss goodbye to the feeling of being overwhelmed in juggling everything about your blog, social media, emails, and premium products.

With my experience as a blogger, I’m here to fill the gap in every area you need help with.

To get started, you can contact me right here.

Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey
Bryan offers virtual assistant services to online business owners. He's also a digital marketing expert dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with services like email marketing, content writing, and custom-related tasks.


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