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Virtual Assistant for Online Store

A virtual assistant for online store is inevitable in today’s world because businesses have moved online, and entrepreneurs have learned to adjust to transacting with customers virtually.

The success of an eCommerce store happens at the backend, and it comes with a lot of planning and strategizing. As an online store owner, employing the services of a virtual assistant has become a necessity.

I’m Bryan Grey, an eCommerce virtual assistant.

Perhaps the term “virtual assistant” still sounds fuzzy to you. Let’s discuss who a virtual assistant is and why you need one for your online store.

Virtual assistants work as supporting staff, rendering remote relief to business owners while reducing workload.

They effectively help run online stores and improve the overall operations of a business.

Let’s just say we are superhumans to the rescue.

Operating from anywhere in the world, virtual assistants (VA) help with sorting day-to-day activities. They give you a cost-effective option to get help in running your business operations.

It’s just plain simple; A VA helps you focus on more demanding tasks that need 100% of your attention.

Perhaps, your online store is growing fast and attracting orders and inquiries. Employing the services of a virtual assistant would be a breath of fresh air.


In the post-COVID-19 economy, we have seen businesses with physical addresses move online to have virtual stores. This came from the increase in traffic to eCommerce stores during the lockdown.

Businesses now see the importance of having an online presence. Hence, more eCommerce stores are created daily, and it has broadened the customer reach of such brands.

Operating an eCommerce business online comes with an extra workload on both staff and business owners.

An online store comes with responsibilities like product listing, marketing, timely customer service, record keeping, and product delivery to paid customers.

With a high influx of customer requests, emails to be sent, product listing, orders to process, and maintaining good customer relations, you need an assistant’s help.

Venturing into the digital space as a startup business or an expanding brand is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot to run a successful online business.

It doesn’t come easy, that’s a fact, but it is worth all the effort invested. This is why you need a lot of help.

And that’s why as a virtual assistant, I’ll ensure that your dream of building a successful online store is on the right track.

The internet brings with it a lot of business opportunities. That is why more and more digital stores are springing up day in, day out.

Sales can skyrocket when you employ the services of an excellent virtual assistant whose primary job is to give your customers all the attention they need. VAs offer timely customer responses to potential customers, which improves conversion.

Increased ROI is the ultimate goal of any business. Owning an eCommerce business requires that you are present 24/7, and a virtual assistant for online store can give your customers that perception, especially when they’re from a different timezone than you.

Need a Virtual Assistant for Online Store?

Processing client orders, and responding to email inquiries, especially those with recurrent themes and questions can take you out of your creative space.

Let me handle it for you and give your online business the impression of being available 24/7 to customer inquiries.

I am just a click away from becoming your eCommerce virtual assistant. To get started, you can contact me right here.

What Can a Virtual Assistant for Online Store Do for You?

get an eCommerce virtual assistant

The flexibility of employing a virtual assistant is one of its pros. Their flexible work schedule can easily blend with the needs of your business.

Without having to worry over physical space, the internet, and all the extra responsibilities of employing a full-time staff, VAs are a better and more productive alternative.

VAs provide technical, creative, and administrative support for your online store.

People think a virtual assistant is someone who does admin or is a secretary of work, but they cover a lot of aspects in your business from your backend support to online marketing.

– Linh Podetti

Putting my clients into consideration, I map out a working style that perfectly suits the peculiarity of your brand.

With all this talk, why do you need to employ a virtual assistant for your online store? Let’s discuss what you stand to gain.

A virtual assistant will assist you with the following:

  • Inventory and stock management tasks

Managing an online store is more than having an aesthetically appealing store. Good functionality is also necessary. You need to keep track of your store inventory.

Carefully managing your store inventory is vital. You have to keep tabs on all your current stock, sold goods, and the time you need to restock. A virtual assistant can effortlessly take over these duties remotely.

An eCommerce virtual assistant monitors the activities in your stores and ensures that your products are well organized to catch the attention and interest of customers.

The role of a virtual assistant here practically involves the duties of a store manager.

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and seen a staff pulling down products and replacing them with new products? Well, similar things also happen in an online store.

Certainly, you will not see a manager at the supermarket doing all the restocking tasks at the supermarket. But, this doesn’t mean that the manager is idle; he is only focused on other managerial tasks that need his full attention.

Having a virtual assistant for online store makes sure that these activities are carried out without any hitch.

It allows you to focus on more pressing matters while your VA takes care of your inventory.

  • Order processing

A virtual assistant for an online store can be of great help in order processing. This department ought not to be taken with levity. You need to train personnel to handle customer orders swiftly.

If it takes you two days, on average, to see a customer’s order, you’re going to end up with pissed-off customers. As a business owner, this may not entirely be your fault due to the amount of workload and tasks that you attend to on a daily basis.

You must have realized that you need an extra hand. While you give the final say, you still need a trained assistant to quickly respond to customers and have orders compiled and ready for shipment quickly.

Your response time to customer orders is important as it influences the likelihood that a customer will be a repeat buyer. So, you need an assistant that’ll take orders, and ensure the order is available, packed, and shipped correctly.

A virtual assistant is a perfect choice. Their flexible schedule guarantees that they can be available to attend to customers at all times.

Let me help you oversee the entire process from order to shipment while you focus on other tasks like reaching out to discuss with your suppliers.

  • Website maintenance

The role of a virtual assistant for online store cuts across various departments. Running an online store means that you have to manage it constantly.

When you open a physical store, the first thing you do is clean up and make sure it is ready for the day to offer your customers an awesome experience.

Similarly, your website needs to be managed daily. Employing the service of a VA ensures that your website is adequately monitored to ensure that customers are getting a good user experience.

VAs can help you with the following;

  • Update prices on your website if there is a change
  • Maintain high-quality images
  • Update copyright information
  • Create blog content
  • Locate and replace broken links on your website
  • Update product descriptions when necessary

There is a lot a VA can do for you; that is why employing one will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your business.

  • Ordering products

Bargaining with your supplier and closing deals is stressful enough. But what if I told you that’s all you need to do?

Yes, you heard me right. A virtual assistant can keep in touch with your suppliers and ensure that they deliver your products on time.

Let your virtual assistant do most of the work for you.

Constantly checking in on suppliers and ensuring that they deliver your goods in perfect condition can seem simple, but it’s not. It scatters your thought processes and leaves you unable to focus on that single activity that moves the needle in your business.

A virtual assistant can come in handy for situations like these.

  • Market research

Engaging the services of an experienced virtual assistant for your online store also means you can take tasks like market research off your shoulder.

An eCommerce virtual assistant can conduct market research for you and report findings that can be useful for your online business.

Market research brings to your attention your strengths and weak points. You would discover your customers’ needs and what they are actively searching for, the secrets of your competitors, and what they are doing that you are not.

A virtual assistant will do thorough product research, competitor research, and customer research. The concluded research is analyzed and sent to you to make decisions that will positively influence your business.

You can make necessary adjustments based on your findings and work towards improving the operations of your online store.

  • Writing/submitting press releases

Is there anything a virtual assistant can’t do? Well, maybe spend quality time with your family.

A virtual assistant with good writing skills can write your press releases.

A VA can assist in setting up accounts with press release websites, write the press release, and submit it.

  • Email management

We can all relate to this. A good percentage of us are losing it to the surge of emails that flow into our inboxes daily. Your notification alert never seems to stop popping up.

As a business owner, well, it is safe to say that you should expect double what an average person experiences.

At times, you open your mails, and locating the exit door seems like the next call of action.

I mean, where do you even start from with lots and lots of emails staring back at you!

It seems like you have your work cut out for you already, and it’s not what you planned for.

The easiest solution to your early morning email fright is hiring a virtual assistant. Yes, it is that easy.

A virtual assistant for email management can quickly sort out your email and dispose of any spam mail. They can also organize your inbox, making sure to reply to any urgent messages from customers.

Plus, a VA can also run email marketing campaigns as well as manage your business email list.

This way, your email is not overloaded with relevant and irrelevant emails. You also do not miss opportunities or clients.

A VA reduces your emails to Inbox Zero and keeps them up and running.

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  • Customer service

Being available to take your customers’ inquiries, requests and complaints is another essential aspect of an eCommerce company.

Your customer service must be top-notch. And if you hope to retain loyal customers, then you need to deploy the services of a virtual assistant for your online store.

Customer service can be time-consuming, and handling customer complaints can turn really messy at times.

That’s why institutions like the banking sector have a dedicated customer service department to take all the complaints and requests of their clients.

Employing the services of a professional customer care virtual assistant helps you delegate everything that has to do with customer satisfaction.

A customer service virtual assistant is tasked with responding to customers’ inquiries, handling complaints, interacting with customers on social media platforms, and replying to reviews.

You also need someone to follow up on customers and ensure that every issue is attended to and solved. Your virtual assistant can handle all of these.

Although chatbots are available to reply to customers, many people still prefer being attended to by a real person, as they’re likely to build a good rapport with customers.

Another reason to pay close attention to your customer service reviews is that good customer service equates to good customer reviews, which ultimately send a signal to prospective customers that your brand can be trusted.

Still in doubt that you need an eCommerce virtual assistant? Let’s explore more reasons.

  • Copywriting

Trust me when I say you need to fill a virtual assistant vacancy for your online store, like right now.

Running a successful business takes a whole lot of backend work. Creating the right content for your brand is a no-brainer.

Content creations take a lot of creativity, time, and brain work. It is only wise to get a virtual assistant with copywriting skills when you have so many other activities calling for your attention.

An eCommerce virtual assistant with copywriting skills can help you craft content that will attract and sustain your customers’ attention.

Writing for your brand means that you have to write in a way that reflects your brand and how it can positively impact the life of your customers. They need to hear what they want to hear. Empathy is key when relating with customers.

A lot of writing goes into making your brand the first choice in the mind of customers. There is a lot to write, from product descriptions to website, terms, and conditions to blog articles optimized for SEO, and meta titles.

A virtual assistant can consistently create SEO-optimized content for your organization.

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Your website is the face of your brand, while content is the voice of your brand. Make every word count by getting yourself a copywriting virtual assistant for your online store.

Creating SEO-optimized blog posts for your eCommerce store takes a certain level of skill and it’s not something you’ll like to bother your head about.

SEO content involves extensive research and some technicalities that may require a lot of time and brain work.

Let’s help you erase all that stress. As a virtual assistant, I craft SEO-optimized content to ensure that your blog posts can be found on Google search results by customers.

Email marketing is another excellent place to communicate and reach out to your customers. A virtual assistant can write and send an automated email sequence to new and existing subscribers, informing them about your latest offers.

All of the above is a tip of an iceberg when looking at employing the services of a virtual assistant for an online store.

Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Online Store

We know that running an online store is not a walk in the park. There is a lot to be done and selecting the right team to work with you is key.

There are a lot of reasons why having a virtual assistant can be a tremendous help to your business. Let’s talk about some of the reasons below.

  • Increased efficiency

Without a doubt, there are a lot of operations that go into maintaining the running of an online store. Fine, you have to attend to a lot of tasks. This does not mean that you have to burn out simply because you run an organization or business.

Delegating duties like handling customers, scheduling meetings, and sending emails to an eCommerce virtual assistant gives you ample time to focus on core tasks. This division of labor increases efficiency.

Outsourcing these simple tasks to a virtual assistant relieves your workload. Your time can be invested in other pressing matters, and you can rest assured that your business operations are running even though you’re not physically present.

  • 24/7 customer service

As an international brand with clients home and abroad, your customer service must scream excellence.

But the truth remains that, it can be pretty challenging dealing with local and foreign customers where there is a timezone difference.

You need a 24/7 customer service system to attend to customers around the world. Unfortunately, if you have a physical office, you will require a remote worker with a flexible work schedule that can manage customers when you are not available.

Better still, you can hire virtual assistants from other countries with a timezone different from yours to handle customers.

This allows both you and your staff to maintain a work-life balance alongside the smooth running of the online store.

I live in Nigeria and you’re probably in the United States. Aside from the fact that my cost is cheaper, I’m wide awake when it’s nighttime for you.

And that’ll make me respond quickly when a U.S. client needs the attention of the customer support outside business hours.

  • Cost-effective

Hiring a virtual assistant for an online store is more affordable than full-time staff. Virtual assistants can be employed on a contract or part-time basis.

Expenses like internet connection, office space, and other office-related costs like providing a laptop/desktop are non-existent when you employ a virtual assistant.

Also, they are paid only for the work they do. This means that you are paying for the value you get, as it’s performance-based.

Virtual assistants come with a lot of experience, so you don’t have to worry about training from scratch. You are directly employing a professional to work on your team.

Since VAs are experts in their field, you only employ them to operate in their area of specialization. You are therefore saving a lot of money on training which can be used for other managerial expenses.

  • Provide quality service

Virtual assistants provide quality services to their clients. They understand the importance of every task they are assigned to. They’ll do anything possible to offer you the best service available.

VAs are aware that an increase in your business revenue is dependent on how well everyone carefully executes their task.

Dedicated to their jobs, virtual assistants provide quality services, even better than full-time employees while saving 78% of operating costs for your eCommerce business.

  • Maximize productivity

It seems like I keep emphasizing this point, but it is worth all the hype. A virtual assistant for online store frees up time to focus on other aspects of your business that needs your full attention.

Let a virtual assistant take care of little tasks that can be handled by someone else besides you.

Tasks like customer service, updating the online store, and maintaining an excellent online presence across social media platforms are perfect for a VA.

We all get 24 hours every day. So, hiring a VA helps you create time to do extra things. You would also be able to buy back your time and achieve more in 24 hours when you delegate tasks.

  • Business growth

No matter how outstanding you are, there comes a point where it’s impossible to run the operations of your business alone. Surrounding yourself with capable hands is essential for the growth of your business.

Delegating administrative and low-value tasks will ensure the scaling of your business to a higher level.

The great idea is to recruit talented VAs into your inner circle, immerse them into your work ethic and get their opinion on matters relating to the growth of your business.

All these organic ideas can be a contributing factor to the growth of your business.

  • Reduced workload

As an entrepreneur, you may find out that you are overloaded with tasks due to a very tight schedule. Circumstances like this call for the expertise of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can assist in areas like:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content writing
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Email management
  • Market research and more

VAs are lifesavers when it comes to maintaining your sanity and navigating your day-to-day activities as a business owner. They reduce work stress while at the same time keeping everything organized.

Your business runs smoothly when you have capable hands on your team.

  • Strengthen weak areas

Business owners like to be in total charge of their business and its operations. This is good, but we have to face it, you can’t do it all by yourself.

You may be good at meeting investors and pitching your business ideas to them. You can even be good at digital marketing but be far behind in customer relations.

A VA helps you fill up those weak areas. It exposes you to a wide range of skill sets that you do not possess. VAs can perform different tasks that may seem out of your field of expertise.

Why would you want to struggle with keeping up with the different duties involved in running a successful online business when you can get the help of a virtual assistant?

  • Flexible working schedules

Another great benefit of employing a virtual assistant is their flexible work schedule which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.

As a business owner, you will be doing yourself a lot of good by not only employing a full-time staff but also a virtual one too.

The difference here is that while the full-time staff works a 9 am-5 pm shift, a virtual assistant can easily cover up for those hours that your staff are not on site.

Money is made 24/7, that is why your brand needs to be present anytime a customer wants to make a purchase.

This also works well when you deliver to different time zones. Your virtual assistant may only work night shifts which tally with another country’s working hours.

This increases production and the number of sales you make because customers can trust that you are always at their service.

Want a Virtual Assistant for Online Store?

Reducing your workload to free up your schedule while you focus on more pressing matters is one of the reasons you will enjoy working with me as your VA.

All those tasks you don’t want to deal with again, ever, can be outsourced to me.

Ready to change the way you run your business? I thought so too.

Let’s get started. You can contact me right here.

Bryan Grey
Bryan Grey
Bryan offers virtual assistant services to online business owners. He's also a digital marketing expert dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs with services like email marketing, content writing, and custom-related tasks.


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